Overview- I am putting the key in my pocket so nobody can start the truck while I am under it. I am checking to see if the truck is leaning which could indicate suspension problems such as a broken spring. I am looking for any fluid leaks on the pavement,for anything hanging down under the truck,and for any damage to the front(including marker lights, turn signals, and headlights). I am also checking the sides and rear of the truck for damage. (Walk completely around the truck while making this check. Carry a mallet to tire check at the same time and there will be less to remember on checking each axle.)
trailer rear
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cab front
Tires - (Identify each tire separately, i.e. left tire on steering axle, right inside tire on the drive axle.) I am checking the left tire on the steering axle for a minimum of 4/32 inch tread depth in all major grooves (2/32 on all other axles), and that the sidewalls or tread do not have cuts, abrasions, or knots. Buses could not have any recapped or regrooved tires on the steering axle (Examiner wants to hear that when testing on any vehicle). I am checking that the valve stem is secure and not touching anything else; and the cap is present. I am checking the tire pressure with a mallet, or I could use a tire gauge.
drive wheels
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